About Us

Blendworth, with its roots dating back to the creative hub of the early twentieth century, Regent Street, London, and now influenced and inspired by the wonderful Hampshire countryside that surrounds it, Blendworth’s offering is unique. Priding itself on being an independent design-led venture, retaining its own values, intuition and focus; concentrating on the present whilst looking to the future.

Now celebrating its 100th year since being founded back in 1921 is a design-led interiors company focused on the excellence of its products, its customer service and its heritage.

The Blendworth archive and the company’s history shape the rhythm that flows throughout all our collections and are at the core of the company’s evolution of a new vision and design style within a versatile business structure.

Originality within distinctive design and colour is key; being aware of trends but not focusing on them.

In-house works of art complement re-interpreted archive treasures, creating the perfect juxtaposition and harmony between heritage and innovation. Collections are created to enchant season after season, telling stories with their imagery and inspiration, created by an in-house design team, both native to the beautiful Hampshire countryside that Blendworth resides in.

Each collection laying the foundation stone for the next, offering a unique sense of identity, whilst retaining a distinctive style and driven by a passion for all aspects of interiors.