The design houses of ‘Celia Birtwell’ and ‘Blendworth Interiors’ have come together to re-launch Celia Birtwell’s ‘Classic’ designs. A series of prints already well loved within the interiors market has been given a new lease of life with a Blendworth twist whilst retaining Celia’s distinctive style. The collection is presented on fabric as four designs and twenty eight colour ways printed on 100% bleached and scoured linen. A capsule collection of three wall coverings offered in ten glorious colour ways are surface printed to evoke the feel of block printing.

A true bohemian and one of the most important and iconic textile designers of her generation, Celia ‘is the face that launched a thousand prints, enchanting and inspiring her fans across the globe for the past five decades’. Designing with a desire to amuse herself and her audience, her unique, innovative witty style is timeless, yet like many true artists she sought to find a mentor who could help her realise her vision and goal, bringing her ‘Classic’ designs to a wider audience, hence the creative synergy with Blendworth began. Drawing inspiration from the life around her, Celia has created amongst many others, the prints below which form the Celia Birtwell ‘Classics’ Collection in collaboration with Blendworth.

Beasties was inspired by a design called ‘Little Animals’ drawn from an embroidery circa 17th century in the V&A. Celia fell in love with the animals and every day would visit and sketch another, adding her own charm and personality to each one.

Jacobean takes it’s inspiration from block prints which Celia loved to view at the V&A. Tumbling foliage was entwined with her signature hearts, dots and insects creating a multi-directional scrolling historic design.

Milson began it’s life as a sub pattern within a grander design inspired by Celia’s retreat in the Shropshire countryside. Despite Celia’s rich design history she has always loved a simple ticking stripe so decided to create one of her own.

Classical Star as with Milson was taken from a more complicated design called Manon and was inspired by historical paper mache and ceremonial stars. Customers were calling out for simplicity, so a new star was born and has been one of Celia’s most successful and iconic interior designs ever since.

Colour ways are quintessentially British with midnight and uniform blues sitting perfectly with valentine and lipstick reds. Mimosa yellows and aqua shades of south seas compliment each other, Medieval and Tudor blacks and golds adding drama along with compassionate and patisserie pinks. Paste Casablanca whites on scoured grounds evoke soft shades for a chic, simpler style of interior.




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